Pastor Kelly Crow

Pastor Kelly Crow has three daughters and one son.  The Crows together have a total of six children and eight grandchildren. Pastor Kelly graduated from Mount Rainier High School in Des. Moines.  He worked his way to assistant manager at a South King County Les Schwab outlet. One night at a bachelor party he tried cocaine for the first time, a week later he flunked a random drug test his company required. Soon, he became an addict and was hooked on crack cocaine.  After a decade of ruined relationships, lost self respect, and a homelessness, Kelly received a sandwich at a homeless food program in Kent and an invitation to enter a residential drug rehabilitation program offered by a Pastor Jerry Williams in White Center.

Little did Kelly know, "God had a plan that was greater than himself."  He tried to do it his way for a while, coming and going as he please, trying to run his own recovery program,  in and out of the discipleship, until the day when God said that was enough.  Kelly finally took his hands off the steering wheel, and from that day on it has been Jesus and him.  His favorite words of wisdom are " WHEN YOU GIVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS, THE WORST THING THAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN IS YOU'RE GOING TO GET A LITTLE BETTER".

The year of 2008 was busy one for Kelly. He was ordained as a Pastor, married Schwanda and they traveled to San Francisco for their honeymoon.  Pastor Kelly continued helping in the ministry . serving in any way he could until the day came when the Lord called him out to open Praisealujah Discipleship in Des. Moines WA.  Kelly says, "The Lord told me to come here, that the ground was good."  

In July of 2009, Jesus, the Crows, and the family of Christ opened Praisealujah  Discipleship with awesome support from his wife, Mother, Father and a wide range of God's children, the Discipleship center became, and is, a place of love and compassion-a place that, as the Pastor always says, "THE WORST THING THAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN, IS YOU'RE GOING TO GET A LITTLE BETTER."

We at Praisealujah would like to bless you, thank you, and welcome you to take part in our mission of Matthew 28:19-20, "Go ye therefore and make disciples of all the nations..." 

Prayer's and donations are welcome, in person or by mail,.  God bless you always. 


Schwanda Taylor-Crow

Schwanda Taylor-Crow has two sons and two beautiful granddaughters She is the youngest of seven children, three girls and four boys. Her family moved to Seattle to be with her grandmother. A lot of years have gone by, and she expresses her life as taking numerous twist and turns. Many of them nearly ended up in death, but she was spared by prison where she learned how to listen to God.Just when she thought the worse was over, Schwanda's  mother was re-diagnosed with cancer and not given long to live. 

these events sent her back to an addiction of crack cocaine and uncontrolled drinking. Just before her third trip back to prison, someone suggested a faith-based treatment center in White Center where the motto was "No matter what the problem, is all falls under a little word called sin."  The courts did not want her to do treatment at the pace in White Center because it was not on their list of recommended state facilities. This faith-based program was funded through donations, or residents going out into the community and raking leaves, painting houses-in other words learning how to make an honest living. The program in White center was a minimum of a 6-month commitment. The judge allowed Schwanda to enter this program saying, "she doesn't understand why she is agreeing with this, but something tells her that Schwanda is going to change other women's lives".  

Schwanda, in her heart knew she needed to rebuild her relationship with the Lord, she knew Jesus was the only way.  After completing her 6 months, she went back to the judge with honors and continued the program for another year and several months.

Then in July of 2009, with her husband Kelly Crow, whom she met in Dicipleship, with the blessing of the Lord, support of friends, and family, Praisealujah Discipleship opened in Des. Moines, WA.  

Praisealujah is a place where THE BLESSING OF THE WORD OF GOD IS HONORED, and LIVES ARE TRANSFORMED.  Schwanda says, "if it weren't for such a program like this.  I'm sure my husband and I would be going around that same mountain of addiction."  

​Schwanda is now ordained and serving as Pastor alongside her husband.