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     Pastor Kelly & Schwanda Crow

Work we can offer: (These are service examples below, please inquire if you have a need for services not listed).......

* Remodeling 

* Carpentry Jobs

* Landscaping and Yard Work

* Painting

* Repairs

* Heavy Lifting, Moving Jobs

* Loading and Unloading

* Gutter Cleaning

* Pressure Washingand More

At Praisealujah Discipleship Ministries, our men and women are available for work. They can provide a variety of jobs services in order to bless the greater Seattle in partnership with your support, strengthen their job skills, and help support the ministry while furthering their training at the Discipleship Training Center. Through the Work Therapy Program, men and women that are not able to pay the Program Fee are able to take advantage of the scholarship program. We perform services for a donation to help support Praisealujah Discipleship Ministries.

(only amounts over a customary charge for service performed is considered tax deductible).